September 2003 through June 2004 (revised)

Crosstalk Volunteer Roster

Secretary: Advises us of the upcoming month's programs and refreshment volunteers, either with a monthly card to Crosstalk members or by publishing in Happenings.

⇒ Elaine Johnson (Ed Schneider)

Chief Financial Officer: Is responsible for collecting money for supplies, monitoring and purchasing supplies as needed, on a timely basis, without having to be reminded.

⇒ Sam and Sandy Riggs (Glenn Johnson)

Social Committee: Responsible for arranging social events for the group.

⇒ Lois and Doug Wilson (Joyce, Peggy, Lance, Ed, Elaine)

Program Coordinator: Responsible for making sure there is a Sunday school program each week; remind folks when they are responsible for program.

⇒ The Crosstalk class

Outreach Committee: Responsible for asking worship service visitors to come to Crosstalk, calling visitors to thank them for coming and asking them to come again, and doing whatever else seems appropriate to make new folks comfortable in the group.

⇒ Lynn and John Willey (Joyce Page, Maxine Case, Margaret Fuller, Glenn Johnson

Prayer chain Coordinator: The class member to call to start the Crosstalk prayer chain in motion. The prayer chain consists of the Crosstalk roster. Folks are responsible for calling the residence below them on the class roster, and the last person on the roster should call back the prayer chain coordinator to assure the chain has been completed.

⇒ Peggy Hall & Phyllis Gerlach (Lynn and John Willey)

Behind the Scenes Coordinator: Helps with planning sessions, updates and prints class roster, prints program schedule and refreshment schedule, attends church Education Commission Meetings, monitors bulletin board, monitors mail slot.

⇒ Gordon Bair (Bob Fuller)

New ideas

⇒ Bob Fuller

Web Page Master: Keeps Crosstalk Web Page up-to-date with future class schedule, etc.:

⇒ Les Lane